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Sun, everything starts with it, life, morning, and hard work.

Like a single mechanism, we work for the security of the future and those who believe in us. We produce sunflower oil and grow grains. It is the path with experience of 25 years and now we are one of the largest agricultural companies in the South of Ukraine. We make products we are proud of, because we work with the sun shining from our hearts. The same way to the sun cares and energises sunflowers and wheat, our businesses and partners because of our efforts. Dispite of all odds we always deliver products in time according to the order.

Barin Sp. zo.o.

Trading and transshipment

Barin is a face of a whole group of companies in Europe. It focused on customer service, international trading, and transshipment of Ukrainian agricultural commodities worldwide.

Poland, Bilgoraj


PE Deluxe-Oil

Oil extraction plant

Deluxe oil is fully focused on sunflower oil production with its experience of over 25 years in this field. Monthly production capacity up to 9000 mt of crude sunflower oil.

Ukraine, Sophiyivka

logo DELUXE new.jpg



Since 2019 year company owns farming areas in South of Ukraine and grows grains with sunflowers. Its focused on development of farming infrastructure, construction siloses, and supply of fertilizers.

Ukraine, Novyy Buh

Логотип ЗН.jpg


Railway forwarding

LLC VTU was established in 2018 and already has its own park of the railway wagons to manage forwarding in time. Moreover, it handles its own service station to take care of the wagons.

Ukraine, Kyiv

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